The Moment This Rescue Kitten Realized He Finally Had a Forever Home is Too Sweet!

When people decide to welcome a new companion animal into their lives and home, it’s usually because they think having a furry little buddy around will enhance their lives. After all, who wouldn’t want a cuddle buddy after a long day, a park partner, or a fuzzy confidante? At the end of the day, however, turns out humans can survive with or without adopting an animal into their family. On the other side of the spectrum, there are puppies and kittens waiting in shelters, for which adoption is everything.

It’s the difference between a cold kennel floor and a fluffy, comfy bed, a life of loneliness or a life of love, and sometimes, sadly, it’s even a matter of life and death.

There are millions of homeless animals in U.S. shelters, and each and every one of them wakes up every morning hoping that today will be their lucky day. And you better believe that when that magical moment finally does arrive, they can’t help but burst with joy. We’ve seen dogs instantly transform from shy and reserved to exasperatingly excited. We’ve seen smiles slowly grow after animals realized that they were finally shown some love. And we’ve also seen dogs melt in the arms of their new guardians out of sheer happiness.

Just look at the face of this wee one of a kitten who was recently given the gift of a forever home. The loving look in his eyes is just too adorable and it literally beams with gratitude! It’s almost as if he’s looking up at her new loving human and thinking: “my hero!”


This touching photo truly demonstrates just how amazing adoption can be. This little one, whose name is now Kaya, could have very easily lived out several more years in the confines of a shelter, but because someone decided to adopt as opposed to going to a pet store, she is getting a second chance at life!

What a beautiful baby!