Salon welcomes five furry clients after month-old kittens dumped in alleyway

UNITED KINGDOM – Hair stylists are quite used to dealing with unruly mops on a daily basis.

However, the staff at Benjamin Charles, on North Hill, Colchester, were in for a bit of a shock when they were faced with five new particularly fluffy clients.

Stylist Emma Agius called for back-up from salon owner, Ben Holbrook- Morris, when she found one of the small kittens near an alleyway close to her home.

Mr. Holbrook-Morris stated: “We found the first kitten and I walked down into the alleyway and there were all these boxes and an abandoned trolley.

“I found another one and as I pulled the shopping trolley away I saw three more huddled together.

“They were terrified.”

Of the five kittens, two are black, two ginger and the remaining is tortoiseshell.

With no mother in sight, Mr. Holbrook-Morris took the kittens over to his salon on North Hill.


He stated: “I couldn’t just leave them.

“They only look like they’re three to four weeks old.

“We brought them down to the salon and they’re now out the back in a box with some food and water.

“One of the girls has also gone to get them some special cat milk.

“The customers love them, they all keep saying how gorgeous they are.”

The staff did not know just what to do with the kitten at first but have since called the Cats Protection League to take the kittens in as they are so young they need specialist care.

Kittens are only ready to be rehomed without their mothers after eight weeks.

Mr. Holbrook-Morris went on to say: “They are huddled together at the moment and are starting to come out of their shell a bit more now.

“One is very much the protector of the rest of them and is trying to look after them all.

“We keep nipping out in between clients to check on them.

“They really are absolutely stunning.”

A spokeswoman for the Cats Protection League explained it was very sad five kittens had been dumped.

She stated: “We would remind every cat owner to please get them neutered, especially if they are female.

“It can be expensive for people, but we do offer to neuter cats for £10 if families are struggling financially. It stops things like this from happening.”

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