San Jose Cat Killer Faces 16 Years in Prison!

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – A California man has pleaded guilty to the killing or harming of more than 20 cats, all of which he abducted from a San Jose neighborhood.

The Santa Clara District Attorney’s office is saying that 25-year-old Robert Ray Farmer entered his plea Tuesday.


He now faces more than 16 years in prison.

Prosecutors state that Farmer abducted the cats from the quiet residential Cambrian Park neighborhood.

Investigators arrested him last year after they found him sleeping in a car, which ended up being where the carcass of an orange tabby cat and several cat collars were later discovered.


Authorities went on to say that Farmer may have killed up to 16 cats. Only four bodies were found.

Surveillance video of one of the cat abductions coupled with various resident tips to police led to Farmer’s arrest.