Science Simply Cannot Explain Why All Cats Are Drawn To Sitting Inside Circles!

Cats are so absolutely lovable, however, they’re also so strange at times! Let one into the room and within a minute or so, they’re meowing to get back out again. They’ll try to get you to rub their bellies but then bite you for doing it a little too long!

One kitty’s human recently discovered a weird cat quirk that’s quickly becoming an internet sensation, and when you see it you should try it, too!

It all started with a random cord laying on the floor in a circle.

The cat’s human noticed that his cat would go straight for it every time and sit in the middle of the circle. Odd, yes?

And so, he decided to try an experiment and made a red circle in tape on the floor.

He was absolutely shocked when his cat came running over to examine the tape.

Again, the cat sat inside its center, as he predicted.

So, was it just a fluke? Well, there was only one way to find out!

Not a fluke!

The cat loved the second circle just as much as he loved the first one.

And so, the man shared the results of his adorable experiment on the web and soon cat owners everywhere were trying it and sharing their results.

As you can clearly see, a circle made from anything will do the trick!

Cats aren’t too much for sharing!

If you love circles, raise your paw!

It’s difficult to say just why the cats feel compelled to position themselves in these spots.

Scientists aren’t sure just why the cats are drawn to the circles.

The most popular theory of all is that the illusion of a closed space gives the cats a feeling of security in an otherwise exposed and open area.

Could be a square, too!

But of course, there are always going to be a few oddball cats ….

and strange ferrets, too!

But for most, it’s like being under some magic spell!

“Did you lose this belt, human”?

Who doesn’t love bananas?

We may never know for certain just what it is about these circles that fascinate cats. That’s just fine as long as they keep us laughing!

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