7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Indoor Kitty Happy!

Here are 7 great ways to keep your indoor cat happy.

1. Vertical Space

Cats truly are all about territory, and adding vertical space actually increases their domain.

Whether it be through cat trees, cat shelves, or just making room atop of tall furniture such as book shelves or dressers, the more things there are for your cat to climb, the better.

This helps cats feel safe and secure, especially if there are other animals in the house or children!

2. A Nice Room With A View

Each and every cat needs a window. It’s basically kitty T.V.

To step it up, you might want to think about adding a cat perch.

3. It’s Play Time!

Many people seem to think that play time is only for dogs, but cats need to play just as much!

Cats are basically just mini lions in a teeny house cat body. They crave the hunt and playing is just another way for them to engage their primal instincts, let out their frustrations, and get exercise!

Each and every day, play with your kitty and engage with him/her.

4. Keep It Very Clean

No one likes a messy place, especially a messy stinky bathroom.

Be sure to keep your litter box clean daily! A dirty litterbox can actually lead to “accidents” around the home.

In a home that has more than one cat, there should be at least one litter box for each cat plus one extra.

5. Explore The Outside World (if able)

Now, we believe that in order to keep your cats safe, it’s best to keep them inside.

That being stated, if you are able to provide the chance for your kitty to explore the outside world, safely, then you should go for it.

Catios are outdoor patios for cats and they are all the rage.

You can also consider a leash or harness

… and slowly, you can acclimate your fur-baby to small areas like the back porch or yard.

If outside is a definite no-go, you can bring the outside to your kitty!

You should think about cat grass or a window bird feeder

Cole from Cole and Marmalade

6. Play Games!

Cats are naturally very curious creatures and games are right up their alley.

Consider getting your cat something that is called ‘a food puzzle.

Studies have actually shown that cats are much happier when they work for their food.

7. Much Unconditional Love

Last but not least at all, the most important way to keep your cat happy is to love them unconditionally!

Each and every cat is different, and each cat shows love in their own unique way. Love them.

With those 7 ideas, you are well on your way!

via: www.iizcat.com