Man Saves 3 Kittens from Drowning During Storm and Gets Them Back with Their Mama!

A hero of a man discovered three wee ones who were in danger of drowning during a storm. And in the end, he not only saved the kittens but he also reunited them with their mom!

“They were stuck in about 3-4 inches of water,” he stated on Imgur. “Been trying to get momma to let me meet them.”


He knew that he had to do something to try and save these kitties before it was just way too late!

“Momma had them in a flower bed against the house. She didn’t know that the water was rising that fast.”


He was finally able to grab each of the kittens one by one, pulling them to safety. The man then went a step further. He put them into a bathtub, grabbed some towels and dried them off the best he could!

Then there was still yet another problem the man needed to solve.


The mama cat was still outside. She, of course, was a bit nervous and apprehensive but she knew that her babies were inside the house.

The man was finally able to coax the mama cat to come into the house.


She was able to hear the meowing of her kittens and of course, that helped convince her to enter.

The precious family was finally reunited.


Good mama cat that she was, she immediately began to clean her tiny wee ones up and got back to the business of nursing them!

“Momma and kittens are doing great this morning,” the hero added.


The man is currently in the process of working things out so that the mama can be spayed once the kittens have been successfully weaned!

In the end, he has also decided to adopt the mama cat and one of her babies and one of his customers has agreed to take the other two kittens!

After some time, once the mama cat had become acclimated to her new surroundings, she came out of hiding and walked up to her new human as if to thank him for everything he had done!

The grateful mama gave her human friend some special snuggles as if she was trying to say in her own way: “Thank you for saving my babies.”


Photo credits: Imgur