‘Serial Cat Thief’ Caught With 15 Stolen Pets During Police Raid

Can you help reunite these stolen cats with their owners?

ENGLAND – All of these cats were rescued by police from the home of a serial cat napper who is suspected of taking them from around the Greater Manchester area. When officers first arrived at the address in Stretford, they discovered 15 cats and handed them over to the RSPCA. Up to now, four of the pets have been identified but the charity has not yet reunited the remaining 11 animals with their owners.

All the cats are actually male, except for one female, which is blind. A spokesman for the RSPCA went on to explain that all the cats appear to have been well looked after and there are no concerns for their welfare. It comes after police received literally hundreds of reports claiming an elderly woman had been stealing cats and keeping a ‘considerable amount’ inside her home. It is now believed some of the cats may have come from south Manchester.

An RSPCA spokesman stated: ‘The RSPCA is assisting the police in looking after a number of cats removed from an address in Stretford.

This black and white neutered male was found at the house (Picture: RSPCA)

‘The cats were being well cared for and there are no concerns for their welfare but we do believe that some of them may have owners in the south Manchester area and are keen to reunite them.’

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police stated: ‘On Wednesday, October 4, officers requested assistance from the RSPCA as they attended a house in Stretford, which was thought to have stolen cats inside.

This blind female has not been reunited with her owners (Picture: RSPCA)

All the animals are thought to be in good condition (Picture: RSPCA)

The RSPCA is still hoping to reunite 11 with their owners (Picture: RSPCA)

This tabby male was at the property (Picture: RSPCA)

‘Almost 20 cats were discovered in the property, a large proportion of which were seized by officers as evidence and are currently in the care of RSPCA.

‘A woman at the property was spoken to by officers and a safeguarding assessment will be made due to some concerns which were observed while officers were in the property.

‘Enquiries are ongoing and officers are working with the RSPCA to reunite any cats with their rightful owners.’

Anyone who may have information can call police on 101, and if you think one of the cats is yours, call the RSPA on 0300 123 8018.

Hundreds of people had reported thefts (Picture: RSPCA)

This male has a brown pigmentation in his eye (Picture: RSPCA)

Police said enquiries are ongoing (Picture: RSPCA)

This chap has an Italian microchip (Picture: RSPCA)

A ginger and white male was one of the cats discovered (Picture: RSPCA)