Seven-Year Old Girl Saves a Cat No One Would Look At

Look at this poor disfigured cat. It was living on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, and no one looked at it because of the grotesque appearance. The poor thing would have never survived on its own if it wasn’t for a seven-year old girl who rushed it to the vet.

Whenever nearby passengers saw the kitten, they ignored its cries for help because of its appearance. The seven-year old girl, however, would never do that. She took the kitten to the vet and the staff was moved by her kindness.

The kitten was infested with mice and obviously very disfigured. At the vet, the staff decided to try and reconfigure the poor kitten’s face. After a long surgery, they were able to reconstruct the roughest features of its face.

Of course, the girl adopted the kitten and named it Gulumser. Gulumser now never leaves her human’s side and got the second chance it deserved. Take a look at it now…she’s blossomed into quite a beautiful cat.