Shelter Finds Absolutely Perfect Solution For Sweet Senior Cat Who Simply Wants To Be Held!

Dougie the cat really likes to be held.

The 15-year-old ginger cat, who had been living at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Maine, loves nothing more than being held – so much so that when he’s not in someone’s arms, his “meow can be heard from galaxies far away,” the animal shelter noted on Facebook.

While the shelter staff couldn’t refuse to oblige Dougie, having a cat in your arms every moment of the day can be somewhat of a hindrance. Feline team member Robert Weimer, for instance, needed to get some work done, however, didn’t want to disappoint Dougie. Luckily, though, the organization came up with the purr-fect solution.

“We thought creatively and decided a baby bjorn allowed Robert to both hold Dougie and do his job effectively,” the shelter went on to explain in a Facebook post. A photo features the cat calmly perched in the carrier on Weimer’s chest.

Dougie, who has been receiving some medical treatment for inflammatory bowel disease, was put up for adoption just this past week. He did manage to find a new home on Saturday, once photos of Weimer carrying him went viral. His new human family is definitely lucky.

“He loves affection and to be near his people all the time,” Jeana Roth, who is the director of community engagement at the shelter, told HuffPost. “He’s also very chatty and will even give kisses when you ask him for them. He gets along well with other pets and even grooms them.”

Although Dougie did indeed find his forever home, you can still learn about all the other pets up for adoption at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland on the group’s website by clicking here.