Single-Eyed ‘Exceptionally Sweet, Spirited’ Cat Awaits His Forever Home for Almost a Year

Meet Our Phenomenal Fella

Have you ever wondered why some cats, like our remarkable Phenomenal Fella, remain unadopted despite their loving nature? This sweet boy has undergone numerous treatments with utmost patience, leaving us puzzled about why he hasn’t found a forever home yet.

one eyed cat

A Journey of Recovery

Fella’s journey with us has been one of recovery and resilience. After diligent treatment for an eye infection, it became clear that saving his eye was not possible, leading to its removal. Post-surgery, our Assistant Director, an expert in recovery, fostered him, providing an ideal environment for maintaining his joyful spirit and catitude while regaining wellness.

During his nearly year-long journey, Fella has showcased his adaptability, embracing new situations, companions, and caretakers. He’s received plenty of affection, yet an adoptive bond remains to be formed.

cute one eye cat

The Perfect Companion

Potential adopters, don’t overlook Fella! Unaware of his loss, his friendliness, love for people, and vibrant personality speak volumes! Fella enjoys romping, racing, bouncing, and pouncing. He gets along with well-behaved resident poodles, interacts positively with older cats, and is always eager for wet food!

Though easy-going and resilient, Fella appreciates a calm approach. He’s a delightful orange ball of sunshine, with cinnamon tabbyman stripes accentuating his lively legs, chest, and adorable cheeks.

rescued one eye cat

Could Fella Be Your Beloved Boy?

Inside and out, Fella is a true darling. With his sweet, spunky, and undaunted spirit, could he be the perfect addition to your family? His journey of overcoming challenges and maintaining his joyful demeanor makes him a remarkable companion, showcasing that he’s just as capable of love and joy as any seeing cat.

In his time with us, Fella has demonstrated his ability to love, adapt, and enjoy life to the fullest. If you’re considering adopting a cat, Fella, with his unparalleled spirit and loving nature, could be the ideal companion you’ve been searching for! Don’t miss the chance to welcome this precious boy into your home and heart.