Woman Adopts Sightless Cat Unsure of What to Anticipate, Claims She’s Just Like a Seeing Cat

Discovering Indie Online

In 2018, I embarked on a journey of adoption and came across Indie, a gorgeous feline from the Humane Society of the Southeast in Newnan, Georgia. Visiting a shelter personally was heart-wrenching, knowing I couldn’t adopt all the cats needing a home. Therefore, I turned to Adopt a Pet.com, searching for cats within a 45-mile radius of my residence. Indie, featured on the last page, caught my attention with her unique appearance – she had no eyes and sported charming orange striped cheeks!

cat sleep

Indie’s Inspiring Story

Intrigued by Indie’s distinctive look, I delved into her story and discovered she was found as a stray, suffering from severe eye infections, leading to the enucleation of both eyes. This revelation left me pondering the challenges of caring for a blind cat, prompting me to seek advice on preparing for life with a special needs cat. My search led me to the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in North Carolina, an organization dedicated to helping blind cats. Their reassuring response? Blind cats simply know they are cats and act accordingly.

blind cat

Embracing Life with Indie

Fast forward five years, and life with Indie has been delightfully normal! She exhibits all the typical kitty quirks, locates her litter box without issue, and has no hesitation in letting me know when it’s mealtime! Some of Indie’s favorite activities include playing fetch with crinkle balls and enjoying cozy naps with me. Her story serves as a testament to the joy special needs cats can bring, and I advocate for giving these unique fur babies a chance whenever possible.

In conclusion, Indie’s story sheds light on the boundless love and joy that adopting a special needs cat can bring. It emphasizes looking beyond physical differences and cherishing the unconditional love and companionship that every cat, regardless of their needs, can offer. So, here’s to Indie, a beautiful, eyeless feline from Newnan, Georgia, who continues to spread joy and inspire others to embrace pets with special needs.