Six week-old Kittens Were Shoved Into A plastic Bag, Thrown Onto Train Tracks And Left For Dead!

WARNING: This article contains some graphic material!

AUSTRALIA – A bag of tiny kittens has been dumped in a plastic bag on train tracks in Sydney.

The distressed and emaciated felines were discovered early Sunday morning in Marrickville in the tied up bag.

The person who discovered them estimated they were just a couple of days old.

They went on to say that they had also found kittens the same way a year ago.

After reporting this terrible matter to police the person contacted rescue group The Mini Kitty Commune and they posted the cruelty case on social media asking for help.

The person who found them is not able to hand rear the kittens and had no food for them.

Someone ended up helping out with transporting the kittens to a vet. Kirrawee Vet Hospital responded with treatment, medication and food.

‘Wonderful work and these kittens were truly saved by you,’ The Mini Kitty Commune declared on Facebook.

The public took to Facebook expressing their outrage, saying more regulations need to be put in place to stop people dumping unwanted cats.

They have also called for mandatory de-sexing.

‘Some people are just plain ugly and horrid,’ wrote a woman on Facebook.

‘This highlights the very best and very worst of humankind.’

Another person stated in a comment that the government needed to put a stop to the situation.

‘Stop selling animals in pet shops is the first thing that needs to happen in my eyes and to limit breeders to a certain amount also to stop all farming of animals,’ they stated.

‘I can’t believe how much of this I am seeing on social media where humans are so disgusting to do such a thing to poor defensiveness animals and babies. It makes me angry and sick to see.’