Smudge the Cat is Completely In Love … With His Stuffed Teddy Bear! – VIDEO!

Smudge the cat is a huge fan of his teddy bear, perhaps too much so.

This odd video shows the young feline essentially endlessly kissing his cuddly toy.

In the video footage, which was uploaded on Facebook by East Surrey Cats Protection, Smudge grabs the bear and moves in for a lot more than a quick peck on the cheek.

The poor teddy has to withstand the cat’s sharp claws when Smudge just goes ahead and presses them into its face.

In the corner of the shot another kitty who’s nearby peers onto the sofa to check what is going on, perhaps rather jealous of Smudge’s adoration for the soft toy.

Underneath the video Lilia Palma was unconvinced the cat’s affection was 100% genuine, writing: ‘Looks like someone had put something on teddy bears mouth that attracted the cat to lick.’

However, Cats Protection disagreed, writing: ‘This was my foster cat last summer and honestly, nothing was put on the teddy bear’s nose!’

Another person commenting, Jackie Ingram, posted: ‘lol! my ginger cat humps furry toys and blankets! now that is weird, vet had never heard of a neutered cat doing that.’

Cats Protection did assure her: ‘I know of several that do it. All neutered!’

Everything is perfectly natural it seems.

Smudge was given to the centre, which covers Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey, back when he was just four months old.

Cats Protection has been in operation since 2008 and is run entirely by volunteers.