Special Collar Cover Curbs Cats’ Bird Hunting

A Third scientific study of the Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover, a bird-saving device made by a Duxbury company, has found that cats wearing the collar cover spend much less time hunting than cats that don’t have them on.

The new scientific paper was published Jan. 7 in Applied Animal Behaviour Science. It was written by Catherine Hall and her team at Murdoch University in the Perth, Australia, area.

Brightly colored Birdsbesafe cat collars make it much easier for songbirds to see an approaching cat and fly to safety.

Previous studies in the U.S. and Australia found the collar cover is effective; one study found that it greatly reduces cats’ bird-hunting success by 87 percent.

Hall’s recent study examined whether cats, because the collar cover makes them less successful catching prey, just might expand their hunting territory, or stay closer to home.

The team put GPS tracking devices on cats with and without the collar covers, and found that cats wearing Birdsbesafe didn’t change their hunting territories, but did go home sooner — because they were hungry from lack of success while on the hunt.


Birdsbesafe is a patented innovation of Nancy Brennan, whose company’s sales grew almost 400 percent in the past 12 months. Birdsbesafe is available in more than 60 stores in the U.S. and Canada, and also at birdsbesafe.com.

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