A Street Cat Named Bob Gets an Exclusive New Trailer!

ENGLAND – Forget Puss In Boots, A Street Cat Named Bob raises the very true prospect of a puss in Boots. Judging by this exclusive new clip, the film’s ginger protagonist knows no fear or regular feline boundaries. Watch as it skips merrily onto a London bus without any sense of hesitation!

A true-life story, A Street Cat Named Bob records the unlikely bond between one man (Luke Treadaway’s James Bowen) and a cat (Bob) on the initially uncaring streets of London’s West End. Together, the pair ended up winning over the hearts of their neighborhood in Covent Garden, but the path to fame, fortune and illicit catnip sachets was a bumpy one.

The film introduces Bowen at his lowest life point, addicted to drugs, homeless and with a tough family situation offering little respite. Bob, the furry little blighter, either spotting his innate potential or the chance of a free kitty treat, immediately takes to him and the pair become completely inseparable.

One-time 007 director Roger Spottiswoode directed the film, with Tim John adapting Bowen’s own bestseller of the same name. Co-stars Joanne Froggatt, Ruta Gedmintas and Anthony Head all also aboard, A Street Cat Named Bob will be pawing its way into your local cinema on 4 November.