Miami Landlord Accused of Shooting at Couple for Feeding Stray Cats

MIAMI, FLORIDA – An apparent dispute over stray cats ultimately led a Little Havana landlord to pull a gun on his tenant and open fire, police said.

Jose Estrada, age 70, was arrested Thursday on an attempted murder charge after the crazy altercation was captured on cellphone video.

The video appears to show Estrada firing multiple shots at Ariol Garcia and and also at Garcia’s wife, Ana Perez, from close range.

Garcia, who was recording the incident, and Perez were not shot.

“I’m here recording. This (gun)fire was two feet from (my) face,” Garcia said.

The incident apparently started when Garcia and his wife got into an argument with Estrada because he didn’t want them them feeding stray cats in the neighborhood.

Just before the first gunshot is heard in the video, Garcia sees Estrada pull out a gun and yelling to him in Spanish, “What are you going to do? Shoot me?”

The couple said this isn’t the first time the two neighbors have had trouble over stray cats. They have called police twice in the pas when arguments escalated.

Estrada was booked shortly after the incident and his bond was set at $10,000.