Couple Left Hilarious Instructions For The New Babysitter Of Their Crazy Cat And It’s The Funniest Thing You Will See Today

Leaving your cat with someone else while you’re away is a big concern for every cat lover. It can be hard on your mind as you’ll constantly think about how your kitty behaves. Sometimes, the kitty is so mischievous that some people like to give the “babysitter” a list of instructions.

Check out these hilarious instructions for the cat sitter posted by cat lovers online:

1. It should be well structured for anyone to understand. Then only there will be little scope for mistake.

2. The very first thing that you should know about the kitty is how to protect yourself from the kitty. Even though cats don’t harm you, they may seem pretty dangerous if you don’t know them well.

3. You should know what the kitty is trying to do or tell you through his little gestures. Otherwise things may go a little haywire. All you got to do is follow simple instructions and that is it. You won’t have to worry about anything in that case.

4. It’s not easy to be in a house with a naughty cat. The kitty will definitely test your patience and won’t be easy on you at all.

5. The kitty maybe a little more concerned about its own good than anyone else in the house. So if you are analysing the actions of the kitty, you must do it from that perspective only.

6. The babysitter was required to update the hoomans of the kitty about every small detail regarding the kitty.

7. It looks like the hoomans of the kitty figured out everything so well.

8. Now it’s kitty’s turn to learn something about the babysitter.