Someone Threw this Kitten in the Trash to Die

A week ago, deputy officer Bennett Dillon was patrolling the streets of Bloomington when he noticed something moving in a pile of trash. He carefully approached the pile and started shuffling through when a tiny kitten emerged from underneath. The kitten, as it turns out, was put in a plastic bag and thrown in the trash. The poor girl was bleeding from his ears and eyes and didn’t look like it would pull through.

Dillon immediately took the kitty to his car and called a vet, then brought it to the Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital. The kitten was in pretty bad shape – riddled with parasites and fleas and with a broken leg, even the vets in the hospital weren’t sure it would live. Dr. Miller who examined the kitten said that the first 24 hours are critical – if the kitten survives a full day, its chances of living a normal life are good.

In the next few days, Lennie the kitten’s health was touch and go. She needed to be force-fed every couple of hours and she was put on strong meds as well. Lennie won the hearts of the whole staff in the hospital and after a few more days, she was finally up on her feet! Of course, Dr. Miller informed Dillon about Lennie’s situation a few times per day, and the Deputy was happy to see the kitty make it.

After a while, Lennie got pretty comfortable and revealed her personality as a fierce, yet cute kitten that’s as playful as every cat. The cast on her leg certainly doesn’t stop Lennie from running around and playing all the time. The kitten is now fostered by one of Dillon’s colleagues, and the whole police department loves Lennie.

The kitten never stopped fighting even though its chances of surviving were pretty low. We’re glad that officer Dillon found and gave Lennie a second chance at life and of course, we’re happy to see the cutie back on her feet.