Take A Look At This Kitty – It Wanted To Leave The Shelter So Much, It Begged A Woman To Take Him Home!

There are many kittens stuck in animal shelters around the world who are waiting for adoption with no luck. This is why animal shelter workers have invented the “Adopt, don’t shop” campaign, which has the goal of raising awareness about animal adoption.

The woman you can see in the video wanted to get a kitten, so she went to an animal shelter. As soon as she walked in, she fell in love with one of the kittens there. She knew she’d bring it home, and the kitten knew as well. The lovely kitty clung to the woman, not letting her go – that’s how much it wanted to go with her!

Of course, the lady adopted the kitten, but she immediately realized that it’s going to need a few friends. So, what did she do? She adopted the kitten her new cat was playing with at the store! Weeks later, the two kitties are happy in their new home, running around it always up to mischief. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think of this lovely store in the comments section!