Special Needs Cat Saved from Death Row, One Year Later

Speedo was born with a condition called Swimmers Syndrome. He was placed on death row because he is special. He was stuck in the shelter until a willing fosterer came to him and gave him a second chance he deserved so much. And now, it’s been a year since then.

“This is Speedo, our foster kitten who was born with a disability. He is the most loving and sweetest kitten in the world,” said Katz via YouTube.

“However, because of nerve damage, he is incontinent. This incontinence has led the shelter to decide to go through with euthanasia as the predicted adopter pool would be too small for a shelter to take him in, unless we can find him his forever home.”

“Speedo is not in any pain, has no current or expected suffering and could live a long and healthy life. Euthanasia was decided simply because of a predicted small adopter pool. Additionally, there is no expected medical care that he will require, so his medical costs would be $0.00! The only extra costs would come from buying puppy pads/puppy diapers if his new family would choose to utilize them,” she added.

“He is mobile, and besides his incontinence, he is very healthy. Ultimately, he deserves a chance at life in a loving home. And we know there is someone out there who can provide him with the time, care and love that he needs to have his fair chance at a long, healthy and loving life.”

After Katz shared Speedo’s story on YouTube and on Facebook, many messages of support came in from all over the country, people wanting to help in some way. Many people were even willing to adopt Speedo..

“We were incredibly fortunate to get in contact with an absolutely wonderful couple that actually lives in our area. They were able to see Speedo, and he seemingly captured their hearts immediately, just as he captured ours.”

“And we now have the comfort of knowing that he will have that fair shot, and will indeed live a long, healthy life full of the care and love he deserves, with two incredible parents and a new, older step-brother smile emoticon.”

Watch video: Speedo the Cat – An inspiring, cute and funny kitten who just wants a happy life!

Source: /www.youtube.com