Walks In Flooded Streets, Then Jumps Right Into Water Tank When He Sees Kittens …

When good people rescue animals, it certainly sends a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts.

The video clip at the end certainly has a bittersweet start, but try to stay to the finish!

At first, the clip shows the incredible amount of flooding through the streets in a town during a storm in Thailand.

However, as it progresses, we quickly see that there is something sad happening inside an abandoned water tank.

A mama cat had left her two kittens in the water tank when it was empty, but when the storm hit, it started very quickly filling up and the kittens were in danger of drowning.

Thankfully, one man saw the kittens inside, and his neighbor also decided to come along to help save them.

This hero ended up climbing inside and helping these two sweet babies out of the water.

They looked petrified and cold, but thankfully, they were on safe ground now.

The man even got to reunite these two wee ones with their mama in the end, and as the storm cleared!

Sometimes, tiny kittens and animals go completely unnoticed in these circumstances, but thank heavens for these kind humans who stepped in and did the right thing!

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