A tiny stray kitten one day simply appeared at the door of a factory. One of the employees walked up to her and the kitten decided she would steal his heart and choose him for her own.

“She was in a parking lot in the middle of an industrial area crying at the door.” reddit user WollstoneLovecraft wrote.

“A stray kitten wandered up to my workplace two days ago.”

The little kitty instantly stole the man’s heart. “She decided she liked me, and I decided to take her home.”

He took the kitten to the vet for a check-up and got a clean bill of health.

“She’s 10 weeks old. No collar or chip. A little underweight but otherwise healthy.”

The kitten is already used to her new forever home.

He bought a kitty bed for her but … the tortie girl likes to nap on something else too.

“She also likes using my head as a bed.”

It has been two days already since they found each other. The kitty is loving every minute in her new home. They say that all cats choose their humans.

This tortie cat seemed to know from the beginning that this guy was the one for her!