Young Boy Tried To Befriend Neighbor’s Cat For One Year, Then One Day He Made It

After an entire year of trying to win the affection of a neighbor’s cat, this little boy finally made a breakthrough.

“It’s been complex, to say the least,” the little boy’s father wrote on Reddit. “Cats don’t react well to preschoolers running up to them, despite him having the best of intentions and only wanting to stroke them.”

“The way which eventually worked was to show the boy that cats need to smell you before you start stroking them, that and to not chase after them if they run away. Seems to work as now he’s reaping the rewards until the catwalks off before parroting “kitties need personal space” and letting him go with no fuss.”

“I am officially happy.”

Future cat person right here. That’s for sure! What a great kid!

Photo credits: reddit/astraboy