Stuck Kitten Vacuumed From Small Pipe! VIDEO

PINOLE, CALIFORNIA – With all of the high-tech rescue equipment on a Pinole Fire Truck, it was actually a shop-vac which finally did the trick for a tiny kitten who was stuck in an underground pipe.

People passing by heard two kittens meowing from inside the pipe on Tuesday. And so, Contra Costa Animal Services was called out. A rescuer who is from that particular agency quickly realized that extra help would be needed. That’s when the fire department arrived at the scene.

Working together, Animal Services Officer Manny Morales was able to successfully rescue one of the kittens with a snare pole which he affixed a flashlight to. However, the second kitten was way beyond the reach of the pole.

At that point, the shop-vac was deployed and the operation was a complete successful.

Initially on the brink of death, both of the two kitties are now doing well.

For now, they will continue receiving care at the Martinez shelter.