Ten Lives Club Founder Finds Three Cats Near Death Stuffed in Carrier!

BLASDELL, NEW YORK – A caretaker’s unscheduled visit to cat shelter Ten Lives Club in Blasdell when it was closed Sunday just so happened to save the lives of three adult cats stuffed into a carrier and abandoned outside the building

“By luck, I showed up at our shelter that hot evening about 5:45 p.m. to run in fast and out and only then saw the cat carrier near our dumpster,” shelter founder and president Marie Edwards explained. “Inside were three adults cats smushed together, panting from the heat – no note, no water, nothing … Had I not shown up at that time, the morning staff would have come to work at 9 a.m. Monday, and surely, they would have been all dead.”


Edwards explained the three cats are now recuperating inside the air-conditioned shelter. She said abandoning animals is against the law and urged people who have unwanted pets to “do the right thing” by contacting animal rescue groups directly to find new homes for their cats or dogs.

She stated this was not the first time cats have been abandoned outside the shelter on Lake Shore Road.

“Last year, “someone left a mother cat and her kittens duct-taped in a box outside our shelter in the hot sun,” Edwards stated. “Luckily, they were near the door and were found soon and lived. We hope someone will help us purchase or donate camera equipment for the outside of our building … so we can catch anyone abandoning animals.”


For more information, to make a donation or to adopt animals, call Ten Lives Club at 646-5577, go to its Facebook page: Ten Lives Club
or visit its website at tenlivesclub.com.