Senior Cat Named Mason Who Was Known For Being Grumpy

Mason, an ancient, feral cat who suffers from advanced kidney disease was on in a bad place in life. However, he was so fierce and angry, that they struggled with what if anything could be done with him. Euthanasia was not an option that was off the table.

Life slowly started to get better for Mason and he was living a happier life in his foster home, although he still had some issues when the people tried to pet him.

It was then that the kittens arrived and it was those very kittens that brought out the ‘lover’ in him!

All it took was two tiny kittens to turn that grumpy gus into a nurturing guy! That is the power of love in action!

The cats all needed something, and as it turned out – they needed each other!

How inspiring!

Photo/video credits: Tiny Kittens / Facebook