The Deaf and Partially Blind Senior Cat Nobody Wanted Until …

This deaf 10-year-old cat can only see through one eye, and has been at the same shelter for a very long time.

Nobody seemed to want her because of her delicate condition.

Lo and behold, all of this seemed to change when one very special lady entered the picture. and made all the difference in her life.

Belle (@belle_nocturne) was just a volunteer at the shelter when she came to met Indigo the cat.

“They said they think she’s around 10, had been at the shelter longer than any of the volunteers, and informed me that they recently shaved her because her fur was too matted.”

“Blind in one eye and almost completely deaf. All she did at the shelter was sleep on a chair in the corner. I sensed that she had more in her,” she said.

As with any shelter cat finally moving into his or her own forever home, Indigo was certainly grateful someone finally took an interest in her and decided to give her a chance.

“When I took her to the vet after I brought her home, they informed me she had an ear infection, fleas, a UTI, and the beginnings of kidney disease. She had also taken to YOWLING all night, every night. I hoped with her ailments cured, she would stop.”

With all those people who simply passed Indigo by without a second glance, Belle never gave up on her.

“I knew she had a personality, she was just waiting for the right person to see it in her. I don’t remember life without her and I don’t want to,” Belle said.

Another happy ending! We here at The Best Cat Page wish Indigo and Belle the very best!

By Daniel Torres, The Best Cat Page