A Shame – This Cat Was Dumped at A Shelter Just Because it Had Diarrhea!

This cutie you see in the picture was left in an animal shelter for a surprising reason – it had diarrhea! The 3-year old unfortunate cat was dumped at the Gables Farm Dogs and Cats in Plymouth recently along with a handwritten note which said that the cat has constant diarrhea and never uses the litter tray.

Ruth Rickard found the cat outside the shelter’s door, freezing in the cold. The letter was taped to the top of the carrier and explained that the cat was a “health hazard”. At the moment, the cat is doing well and the diarrhea has been cured. However, it certainly took a toll on her weight – she weighs about the same as a 6-months old kitten!

Ruth and the animal center are working on helping the cat regain her weight. She says that dumping animals is never the answer, no matter how big the problem is. In a public statement, the shelter explained that there are many charities which can take a cat in and help with the big health costs. Dumping a pet is never the answer and it seems like these owners never really cared about the cat.