The Top Cat People Celebrities in Hollywood

Just like the real world outside of it, Hollywood is divided between dog people and cat people. Celebrities are just like us when it comes to animals. They either like cats or dogs. And, while dog-loving celebrities are more exposed in public, there are plenty of actors and musicians that love cats too.

Below you can find a list of the top celebrities who love cats. Among them are Hollywood’s Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. as well as singer Katy Perry. The great video game director Hideo Kojima is a cat person too, just like James Franco, Mandy Moore, and more.

Check out the top list of cat-loving celebrities:

#1 Robert Downey Jr.

#2 Drew Barrymore

#3 Ed Sheeran

#4 Ricky Gervais

#5 Nicole Kidman

#6 Katy Perry

#7 Taylor Swift

#8 Russell Brand

#9 Salma Hayek

#10 Macklemore

#11 James Franco

#12 Keegan Allen