Meet Truffles – the Cat that Helps Kids Feel Comfortable with Glasses

We’ve heard about therapy dogs that help kids and people overcome certain fears or diseases. But what about cats? Cats aren’t that compassionate, or at least that’s what we thought so far. However, that’s not the case with Truffles the cat. Truffles is a cat that helps kids overcome their fear of wearing glasses by wearing a pair herself.

The cat was rescued by optometrist Danielle Crull in 2016. After adoption, the cat proved to be quite the sweetheart. She was pretty sharp for a feline. Using treats, Danielle taught her how to sit and high five others. Since Danielle already owned an optometric ambulance, she came up with an idea of using Truffles’ sharp mind for a good cause. She taught the cat how to wear glasses and started bringing her to the “A Child’s Eye” dispensary in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Children who were uncomfortable or scared of the optometrist or wearing glasses found a new hero in Truffles. While she’s not exactly a therapy cat, she does help children realize that wearing glasses is for their own good. Everything has worked great so far, with Truffles being an unlikely hero that many children deserve.

Master Optician taught her adopted cat Truffles to wear glasses

Danielle Crull started bringing her cat to her children’s glass dispensary

Truffles is extremely efficient at changing children’s attitudes about wearing glasses

The cat purrsuasively helps children to acquire purrfect vision