Your Cat Will Sit In One Spot With This Easy Trick. Here’s How Scientists Say It Works

As you surely know, cats are pretty independent creatures. You don’t need to be a scientist in order to see how stubborn they are. They rule their own destiny, and sit and lay down wherever they want to. Yeah, this includes your keyboard. However, one woman decided to try a trick which should’ve made her cat sit in one spot, and surprisingly, she succeeded.

Danielle Matheson shared this message sent to her by her mom:

Some people on Pinterest definitely had too much free time on their hands, and decided to try a scientific trick. They claimed that if you tape a square on the floor, a cat would sit right in the center of it. Yeah, everyone thought they were crazy until Danielle’s mom tried the trick on her own.

Amused by the square, the cat entered it and sit right in the middle! The woman’s pics went viral in mere hours, with millions of people now trying the same. And yeah, the results were the same as well! Here are a few Tweets that confirm it:

People didn’t have an explanation about what was happening, but a few scientists that saw the post explained. Nicholas Dodman from the Cummings School Of Veterinary Medicine said that cats love boxes as they can rub on their sides. This pressure is kinda like the pressure a cat feels when it’s still a kitten, snuggled between her siblings and mom. When they feel this type of pressure, their brains secrete endorphins which make them feel good.

If you’re wondering how does a taped square on the floor feel like a box, it’s actually the possibility of a box that excites the cat, not the box itself. It’s just good enough for them to provide the sense of warmth and security they felt as a kitten.

Check out the video of a cat and a taped square: