These Cats Decided To Pick Their Owners Instead Of Waiting To Be Adopted!

If you’ve ever been in a pickle, you know that help sometimes won’t come soon enough. It’s up to you to fix the mess you’ve put yourself in and these cats surely know it. Knowing that no one’s coming to adopt them, they went to search for new owners on their own and the results have been amazing. Check them out:

1. These lovely bunch of kitties knew where to find their heaven. They know that they won’t be disappointed. Not after such a long search.

2. This dog and kitty pair is in love with this place. They are seen here every day without any fail. They know that one day they would be let inside.

3. Meet Popeye, the kitty! He ended up in a farm and the owner decided to keep the kitty. Who would want to let go of such an amazing creature?

4. Did you just forget a kitty inside a sink? Don’t worry you can treat him with good food now. It’s never too late. The little one is still hungry.

5. This little one just hopped through the open window in hope that they would take him in. Would like to keep the little one at home for some time or maybe forever?

6. Thank you for inviting us in! We will be forever grateful to you for this.

7. Scared and lonely, found in the backyard! This one knew that his journey of struggle ends here.

8. When you let in a guest that refuses to leave. This one came to stay. Who told you that he is leaving anytime soon?

9. When you didn’t ask for it, but now you are stuck with it. Good luck with that little kitty!

10. When did I get a kitty? Am I in the middle of a dream?