Here’s How Cats Express Love In Their Own Weird Way

Even though it may seem like your cat isn’t really interested in you or everything around her, they are concerned about you. They have a weird way of expressing love, but you can be sure it’s there. Your cats don’t hate you – they are just a bit shy.

Here are 10 surprising ways of cats expressing love for their owners:

1. Cats are not going to shove their butts in your face till the time they trust you completely. So if they are doing this, consider yourself lucky.

2. Cats rub their face against you in order to show affection. But it could also mean that they are marking their territory so that everyone knows that you belong to her.

3. The kitty may just blink at you to tell you that they are absolutely comfortable around you. They only do this with people they don’t feel threatened around.

4. If you think that cats don’t understand your emotions, you are completely wrong. They not only understand you, but try to help you deal with it as well.

5. Kneading is a way by which cats show contentment, however it may get a little painful due to their claws.

6. Cats will treat you as if you are another kitty. They don’t like to differentiate between you and their companion kitties.

7. Cats are really possessive about their hoomans, so they would like to follow you around wherever you go.

8. Cats usually say a lot through their tails. You just need to learn the art of reading them in order to know if they are affectionate or not.

9. Cats purr to express how they are feeling. They will do that to tell you that they are hungry, sleepy or upset. So they will also use this way to express their love for you.

10. Rolling around the back and exposing their belly is the best way to show their love. It means a lot for a kitty to do that.