Gangster Cat Collects Cosmetic Brushes!

ICELAND – Have your makeup brushes been suddenly just disappearing? If the answer is “Yes” and you live in the Hlíðir neighborhood in Reykjavík, then chances are that Gangster (Bófi) is to blame. He has been caught sneaking into ladies’ houses, sniffing out their cosmetic supplies and looking for certain souvenirs, reports.


He then stealthily tiptoes away from the scene of the theft, carrying all the cosmetic brushes he can find, bringing them home to play with on the floor. He is said to always smell like perfume!

Gangster may have been born innocent, but as soon as he was given a name, his destiny was set in stone. If your name is Gangster, then chances are, you are a gangster.

Lately, his actions have actually involved putting people at risk. The worst case happened the day he brought home a wasps’ nest and then began playing with it on the living room floor. That did not please his human, who was home alone and had to run for his life, pursued by a cloud of wasps.

Despite his life of crime, no charges have ever been filed against Gangster and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll ever land himself in kitty prison. He is, after all, an adorable tuxedo cat with white paws―a true gangster in disguise.