These Non-Photogenic Pets Will Surely Make Your Day!

Isn’t it just funny when you’re trying a pose that you think will make you look good only to find yourself looking hilarious in the end? It’s even funnier with our pets! Below you can see a collection of pics of non-photogenic pets that are trying to look great but have instead made us laugh out loud!

1. When your pet tries to pose and ends up making everyone smile. But you still can help staring at him.

2. Whom were you trying to scare Mr. Husky? This is a failed attempt at trying to scare others. We are sure if we got scared, but we are surely laughing our heart out after looking at this.

3. When your pets look up to you with high hopes and you are just trying to hide that smile. This thing got a little awkward, but we are seriously enjoying this.

4. This not so photogenic dog got the best picture clicked ever. His hooman must have got it framed. For your information, the dog was not out of his senses.

5. What happened to this one? Did someone hit him hard or he ended up in an accident?

6. This kitty was trying to hide how fat she is, but it looks like she failed badly. Don’t worry kitty, better luck next time.

7. Well, that looks awful. What did you do little one? It looks like you need some help or should we leave you alone for a while to take in what happened. It may be a little embarrassing for you.

8. Did the dog jumped in the picture or they wanted him here? Well, whatever the scenario is, he feels a little awkward here. He doesn’t look so happy, but he doesn’t realize how happy everyone will be after looking at him.

9. When the good days are finally here, everyone is happy. It’s celebration time. What a candid picture it is!

10. When you are too amazed by the sprinklers that you refuse to move.