These Pranks Have Made These Furballs Go Crazy!

Cats are great pranksters, and it’s not rare to see them pranking their owners. However, you have the right to prank back. In fact, pranks can make your cat go crazy and give you more than a few nice laughs.

Take a look at 10 pranks that have made these kittens go crazy:

1. You know that cats can’t stop themselves from attacking your food. But you can save your food by being a little smart.

2. What’s that thing hiding below the sheets? I have to catch it. It may taste good.

3. What’s the need of a treadmill, when your kitty got some natural exercising techniques.

4. Are you trying to play tricks with me? You scared me for a while, but I think it will require more practice to get the desired results.

5. When a kitty decides to do something, he accomplishes it without a second thought. That’s how the cats rule the world.

6. We never thought that our cats will be so easily scared or are they just running away to face what’s coming.

7. When the kitty is not in the mood to fight anymore, he can give up really easily. All you got to do is give her a little push.

8. When you trap your kitty into catching a prey that he will never be able to catch.

9. Are you in need of a buddy? You are going to get one soon. But till that time, just manage with this one.

10. When the kitty is more scared than you. It’s fun to watch the kitty go crazy at times. You too can enjoy how it feels like to be in the powerful position.