Curious Dog Drags Owner Towards Mysterious Cardboard Box, With Something In It

We all know that animals have a sixth sense which is heightened in cases of distress. They can read our mood and thoughts and pick up things human aren’t able to detect. A woman named Valia Orfanidou from Athens, Greece has a dog she calls Aragon.

Valia walks her dog around the neighborhood every day, but recently, the dog started acting strange when outside. He pulled his owner to the side of the road and stood near a suspicious box in a shrub.

Aragon was becoming more and more anxious and when he finally got close to it he started sniffing the box.

Afraid of what’s inside, Valia was reluctant to open it. However, seeing her dog so anxious made her do it and she couldn’t have guessed what really was inside. She lifted the lid slowly and there were 4 tiny kittens in the box!

The kittens were abandoned by someone on the sidewalk and there was no note written in the box. There was no call for help either, but the kittens were in perfect condition. Valia decided to take back the tiny fur balls home, curious to see how they would get along with Aragon.

To her surprise, Aragon and the kitties quickly became best friends. He never leaves the kittens alone and guides them back to their tray whenever they start crawling around. He cares for them as they’re his own pups! He guards them all day long and makes sure they’re relaxed.

Valia gave the 4 kittens names – Manaslou, Makalou, Cho and Lhotse after 4 Himalayan peaks. She plans on nursing them for a few weeks more until they’re ready for adoption. Considering how cute they look, we’re sure they’ll be gone in a day.