These Tiny Kitten Brothers Were Saved Together And Adopted In The Same Home!

The relationship between siblings is most likely the longest relationship we have in life. It’s the same with animals – sibling kittens, for example, share an unbreakable bond that others lack.

Anya Yukhtina from Moscow is a gorgeous lady who has been looking for a sweet ginger cat to adopt. She always wanted to get a cat, but she just couldn’t make herself take that leap. Now, though, she was finally ready.

Anya wrote on her Facebook account that she was looking for a ginger kitten and asked everyone if they knew any babies that want a home. The same evening, she received a call from one of her father’s friends. The man had a ginger cat in his garden about 2 weeks old. Anya couldn’t make it so she sent a friend to the man and she was in for a great surprise when he got back. Her friend brought back not one, but two ginger kittens who were only 10 days old!

Anya named them Fatty and Skinny (for obvious reasons). A few days later, the babies were sick with ringworm, a fungal infection that affects the fur, skin, and nails of cats. The treatment for this infection is pretty difficult, but fortunately, Anya’s tiny kitties had it easy. She just needed to wash them every couple of days and give them medications and they were cured in a short time.

Skinny and Fatty were so young she had to teach them how to eat. A month later, they figured it out.

Thanks to Anna’s devotion, the kitties have grown great and share an amazing bond.

They’re 8 months old now and in perfect condition. Anya says they are playful and spend their days running after each other. Playtime can be rough sometimes, but never violent.

“They sleep, eat and play together – they’re truly best friends,” Anya says.

“Even when they want to steal something from the table they do it together!”

Anya loves her ginger kittens and has even set up an Instagram account for the two rascals. It’s really amazing to see the two babies saved from death and adopted in the same home.

They will never have to worry about loneliness as they’ll always have Anya on their side.