Cat Makes A Heroic Escape From Her Kidnapper!

Take a look at Mo – he’s an 8-year old cat from Nebraska who enjoys life just like other cats. He likes sitting on the porch enjoying the sun and watching what happens in the neighborhood. Samuel Everton, Mo’s owner, doesn’t mind that he loves spending so much time on the outside. Of course, he always keeps an eye on him and there was never a problem until now.

Just a few weeks ago, Mo was daydreaming on the porch with Samuel nearby. The man needed to get something from the inside, leaving Mo all alone. Once inside, Samuel got a notification from his home security system. Everything seemed fine outside – there was no one on the porch except for Mo. Thinking that it might be a glitch, Samuel stayed inside for a bit longer, but it wasn’t a glitch after all.

The camera caught everything! A woman tried to lure Mo with a few pets. Once the cat felt comfortable enough, she grabbed him in her arms.

The young blonde woman was heading to a getaway car on the street.

However, Mo is a pretty cunning cat who sensed he was in danger. He managed to escape from the woman’s hands just before she put him in the vehicle, going back to the safety of his home.

The video was shared on Facebook by Samuel and got more than 100,000 views. “I was livid when I saw what happened,” Samuel says. He reported the incident to the police, and once people caught wind of the situation, they formed groups with the goal of bringing the thief to justice. Everyone was disgusted by the woman’s behavior and decided to keep their pets locked inside for the time being.

After a few days, a woman called the police saying she has info on the cat kidnapper. The blonde woman looked like the old lady’s neighbor. The police immediately went to question the 17-year old who confessed everything. Apparently, she tried stealing the cat on a dare from her friend, but she wasn’t going to keep it.

Still, the police are investigating the girl for attempted larceny and trespassing and she is facing serious charges.

In the meantime, Mo is enjoying life just like before. He escaped, but other animals are not so lucky. In order to protect your pet, organizations are recommending ID collars and microchips and being aware of any strangers around your home.