This Cat Has A Funny Way of Seeking Attention

Take a look at Bruno – he loves being pet while he’s eating and he’d like to have a new home as well. Bruno’s pic was recently posted online by Wright Way Rescue from Illinois, a non-profit animal shelter. Bruno knows how to pose for the camera and is quite unique.

He’s 7 years old and has extra toes on his legs (polydactyly). Bruno loves standing like this and posing for the camera, and the shelter staff thinks it’ll help him find a new home.

According to the staff, Bruno does this when he wants to eat. There isn’t anything wrong with the cat – he’s just a show off. Here’s a video of Bruno doing his move:

As you can see, the cat is a bit on the heavy side, which might be the reason he was abandoned by his owners. According to a representative from Wright Way Rescue, the cat wasn’t too fond of the kids at home and the weight was another big problem. As the rep says, Bruno’s a lazy cat who wants people around. He’s encouraged to do his signature move so he moves around and hopefully loses some weight.

He likes playing with his toys, but hates when people pet him on his huge belly.

The person who’ll adopt Bruno would ideally be attentive while he’s eating. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the cat loves being pet while eating and he likes drinking his water in another room, not the kitchen or anywhere near his food. It’s not that strange – this is apparently common for cats.

Bruno also talks in a very cute way and has attracted a lot of attention on Facebook. Hopefully, he’ll be in a new home sooner rather than later.