Book Today, Kitty Lovers, To Visit the Unique CAT BEACH in Italy!

If you happen to be a cat lover we have the perfect spot for you to visit. The cat beach in Italy is truly one of the best places to visit if you want to be surrounded with cats.

Visit the Lovely Cat Beach Which Is Full of Rescue Felines!

This truly amazing spot we mentioned is actually located in Sardinia. It is actually believed to be one of the best tourist destinations on the island and we are pretty sure we know the reason why.

This particular beach is so popular because there is a sanctuary which takes care of the feral cats on the island. They take complete and total care of these cats from vaccinations to sterilization. This magical place is called I Gatti di su Pallosu and is located on the west coast of Sardinia.

The sanctuary located next to a tiny village was founded by Andrea Atzori and his wife. The cat beach has since become a great tourist attraction after opening the sanctuary in 2011. Cats have been living on the island way before the sanctuary was even open. They were brought to the island by fishermen who believed that the cats will resolve their problem with rodents.We’re pretty sure that some of the cats currently living on the island are originating from those cats.

It is also very important to note that the sanctuary is a non-profit organization and anyone who visits is more than welcome to donate whatever they can. In order to visit this place, you should make sure you book your visit in advance. You can only visit in a group with a maximum of ten people and you can be with the cats for only half an hour. These limits are set so that the cats don’t get too stressed out.

To mention, the sanctuary has been given excellent reviews from their visitors who mostly come from abroad. If you are not quite sure what your next travelling destination should be we highly recommend this cat paradise.

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