This Cat Has A Strange Obsession with Peaches! You Read That Right!

A few years ago, a family adopted a shelter cat and brought it home. Everything was great until the couple realized that the cat has a strange obsession with a popular fruit!

Lydia Coutre adopted Ozzy the cat in 2013 as a kitten. Lydia’s mother and sister worked at the Harbor Humane Society in Michigan when she came to visit them one day and fell in love with Ozzy. She wanted to get a kitten and took a look at all the cages, but she couldn’t get Ozzy off her mind.

She asked if she could get the tiny kitten, and once he was in her arms, she knew that’s her cat. She took Ozzy home and things were great for almost a year. The following summer, Lydia discovered something strange. She bought peaches and brought them home, only to find Ozzy acting strangely around them.

“He would rub on them and was pretty amazed by their shape,” she says.

Ozzy didn’t wait long before he knocked all the peaches off the table. Lydia’s sister heard rumbling in the kitchen only to see the cat lying on top of the peaches on the ground. They tried keeping Ozzy of the basement where he’s not allowed, but a guest mistakenly let him in there. Ozzy didn’t want to leave the basement without the peaches later!

It’s pretty strange, but it seems like Ozzy doesn’t want to leave the peaches’ side. The family bought other fruits, but he only loves peaches.

“We think it’s the combination of sweet smell and squishy texture that attracts him, but we’re not sure,” says Lydia with a smile.

“He’s pretty friendly – when he’s not guarding peaches, he’s enjoying in the garden.”

Here’s a pic of him in his ‘happy spot’:

Peach season is Ozzy’s favorite season: Take a look at this video:

For more pics of Ozzy, visit his Instagram profile.