This Cat Managed to Do Something No One Has Done Before – Beat Vladimir Putin at Something!

Vladimir Putin, the fearless Russian president, was recently visiting the newly-constructed Crimean Bridge which connects the mainland with the peninsula. Putin drove across the bridge, but apparently, he wasn’t the first to do it.

A few days before the Russian president, a cat named Mostik which was fed and taken care of by the constructions workers, “bragged” on Instagram that he was the first to have crossed the new Crimean bridge.

Mostik is a stray kitten that has become the mascot of the constructions workers on the bridge. The engineers celebrated the cat’s birthday on November 29, which is the national holiday of Russian bridge workers.

The construction engineers and workers love their mascot and have even made him a Instagram account which is pretty popular.

Although many world leaders can’t beat Putin in political games, it seems a cat has managed to defeat him in something else.

You snooze, you lose Putin!