List Of Cat Superstitions From All Over The World!

All around the world, each and every culture has some sort of superstition regarding cats.

Here is a list some interesting ones in a list for your enjoyment!

1. Japan – black cats are actually a lucky omen as the blacks cats can heal sick children and protect against evil.

2. Buddhist – A light colored cat will probably bring silver to the home of the owner. A dark colored cat will bring gold to the home of its owner.

3. Celtic – A kitten born in May (especially on the first of May) is sure to become ill behaved and troublesome. It may even be responsible for bringing snakes into the house.

4. English – Whenever the cat of the house is black, the ladies will have no lack of lovers.

5. Russia – When moving into a brand new home always let the cat enter first for good luck.

6. Wales – If a young woman is unfortunate enough to step on a cat’s tail, she will definitely not get married that year.

7. Madagascar – beware the souls of unburied dead, for they may then choose to enter a cat.

8. Ireland – To kill a cat will bring seventeen years of bad luck.

9. Italy – A cat sneezing is a good omen for all those who hear it

10. English – It will surely bring good luck if a cat runs in front of a fisherman when he is on his way to fishing. On the other hand it is a bad omen if a cat crosses his path on its way to fishing.

11. USA – If a black cat crosses your path it is bad luck.

*England and Japan – If a black cat crosses your path it is actually good luck.

12. Japan – If a cat washes its face, it is a prediction that a visitor will soon be arriving.

13. Norway – cats are actually thought to be fairies taking a particular form. Legend has it that if you stare deep into a cat’s eyes, you can see the fairy world.

14. China – cats are not only able to see ghosts, however, are able to protect us from evil spirits.

15. USA – during the Salem witch trials, cats, especially black, were believed to be not only accomplices to witches, but could also very well be witches themselves that transformed. (This was also common back in medieval Europe.) This negative superstition can be linked to why “black cats being unlucky” is still quite common in America and parts of Europe today.

16. Ancient Egypt and Rome – Egyptians and Romans both believed cats to be majestic creatures. Both cultures held the animals in extremely high regard, however, Egyptians more so. The fact is, many ancient Egyptians likened felines to the goddess Hathor, who took the form of a lion. When a pet cat died in ancient Egypt, the family mummified, buried, and also mourned it.