This Cat Refused To Let Her Owner Sleep And There Was A Terrifying Reason Behind It!

You’ve probably heard cat lovers speaking of their cat’s crazy psychic power. Felines can always tell when something’s wrong with us and even act on it. If you need further proof of it, Janine DeMartini is here to help.

Janine fostered a cat called Herbie for some time. Herbie was kind, quiet and friendly until one night when he started meowing and entered Janine’s bedroom. This kind of behavior was unusual for the cat, so Janine knew something was wrong. She followed Herbie who looked quite distressed as he entered the room where Janine’s daughter was sleeping.

Janine was shocked – the little girl was tightly covered in her blanket and struggling to breathe. She was gasping for breath when Janine entered and may have been gone if it wasn’t for Herbie! Thanks to this, Herbie will always have a special place in the DeMartini home!