This Kitten Went Out To Play And Returned With An Unusual Friend!

Marley the kitten is a cute and friendly cat who is adored by his owners. Marley likes to play at home, but he also likes spending some time outside. He regularly goes out and brings all kinds of stuff back home, but the last time he brought a new friend! Marley brought home a stray bunny and his owners weren’t that surprised, considering the fact that it’s not the first time their kitten brings a friend back home. They just stepped back, turned the camera on and recorded the animals.

Marley and his new bunny friend were having a lot of fun. Even though they didn’t know each other well, they seemed to be going on just fine.

At the beginning of the video, they are sitting far from each other, but as it goes on, they get closer and closer and start playing with. The two cute tiny animals are a pleasure to look at. They don’t care what’s going on around them, but who can blame them? They are obviously having a lot of fun!

Don’t worry – Marley doesn’t harm the bunny in the vide. He’s treating the tiny rabbit with care and is very kind to him.

The video is just adorable and we can’t stop watching it! The friends are obviously trying to understand what each one of them wants. It’s just amusing to see that they can understand each other so good.

Take a look at the cute video below: