Cat Brought Back to Life From Brink of Death Following Apartment Fire – VIDEO

UNITED KINGDOM – This ginger kitty was on the brink of death and had stopped breathing.

You’re simply not going to believe your eyes! Watch in this video the amazing moment a cat started breathing again after being rescued from an apartment fire.

The ginger kitty was literally on the brink of death and had stopped breathing after being dragged four of the burning apartment by firefighters.

Its terrified owner looked on helplessly as a quick-thinking fireman strapped an oxygen mask to his face and stroked the poorly cat.

Suddenly, miraculously, the cat started to move and the rescuer scooped him up in his arms and made sure it was breathing fresh air.


The worried owner, who was wearing dressing gown and had herself escaped from the smoke, looked entirely grateful for the officer’s kind actions.

Firefighter-saves-cat-with-oxygen-mask (1)-min

The pair were reunited as the footage ended.