This Sweet Cat Thanks Her Neighbor for Letting Her in With a Pile of Rose Petals!

Moving into a new home is a bittersweet experience. Of course, moving to a new space is very exciting, but it’s a lot of hard work as well. Then there’s the problem of getting accustomed to your new home – you’ll need time to take the surroundings in and find your feet in the house or apartment. There’s a lot of change you’re going to have problems with – for Rosie, a girl who recently moved in a street of terraced homes, it was the petals.

Yes, Rosie was annoyed by simple rose petals. Now you’re probably wondering how the heck can someone be annoyed by rose petals, but you don’t know the whole story. Rosie found a bunch of rose petals on her porch every day, even after sweeping the pile. The wind surely wasn’t to blame, so Rosie stopped thinking about it and just swept them away.

She would never have guessed that they were left by a secret admirer until she caught him in the act! One evening, Rosie noticed a cat coming to the porch with a flower in her mouth – it was almost like a welcome gift by neighbors. Rosie was a bit confused as she never saw a cat carrying flowers in her mouth like that.

As it turned out, Rosie’s secret admirer was her neighbor’s cat, Willow. Willow was probably friends with the people living in the same house before Rosie arrived as she was clearly accustomed with the porch. Willow visits Rosie every day who often lets the cat in for a nap.

Willow obviously leaves the petals as a Thank You gift for letting her inside. The cat leaves a pile of leaves on Rosie’s porch every day and if Rosie didn’t see her do it, she would have never guessed who the culprit was. Everyone in the neighborhood loves Willow, even making her cat boxes where the kitty can sleep. Of course, she’s rewarded for her presence with snacks and food as well.

Rosie’s “Mystery of the Rose Petals” story was posted online along with pics of Willow, and it went viral pretty quickly. Here’s a video of Rosie’s secret admirer: