Stray Cat Crashes Fashion Show And Fights With Models

Take a look at this cat – it really gives the term catwalk a new and more accurate meaning! The cat took the center stage at a recent fashion show in Istanbul, Turkey, a city nearly overpopulated with cats. One of them, apparently, wants to be a fashion model.

When the cat saw the stage, she probably couldn’t resist the urge to try herself as a model. She started walking on the stage while the audience laughed their hearts out. She was a bit annoyed for sharing the stage with all those great models, even starting a fight with most of them! The models, however, did their role like pros, with only a faint smile on their face.

The cat certainly approved of some models – it was apparent she liked at least some outfits. The designers were shocked to see the cat on stage, who was filmed by a person attending the show. Check out the video yourself:

No one really knows how the cat entered, but it definitely stole the show. It was obvious that she wanted all the attention for herself and she obviously wasn’t willing to share the stage.

Photographers took photos of the ‘model’, and the pics instantly went viral. We’re glad they did because the fashion industry has found its new star!