This Woman Thought She Saw A Dog Sleeping On Her Porch Until She Realized The Scary Truth!

Kathy Inman was relaxing in her home one day and looking out the window when she saw a figure resembling a dog sleeping on her porch. The dog was huge, so Kathy went for a closer look out of the window and realized that it’s not a dog – it’s actually a mountain lion! This wild animal had her scared and excited at the same time. She picked up the phone and called the authorities to remove the obviously lost animal from her home.

Although Kathy and her family were scared, the mountain lion was perfectly relaxed. However, she couldn’t know what was being planned behind her back.

The lion was unaware of the plan the authorities had for her.

The mountain lion quickly became a hit in the neighborhood, with literally everyone coming out of their house to see what will happen. They didn’t come close to the wild animal, however, as no one was sure how scared it is.

When the authorities came, they shot the mountain lion with a tranquilizer dart.

It wasn’t successful, though – the wild animal escaped immediately, leaving the authorities unaware of its location. Eventually, the mountain lion has been found unconscious and taken to an animal shelter. After an exam, the authorities released her in the wild far away from the settlement.

While the family was pretty scared, the mountain lion had no idea what was going on behind her back.

The mountain lion was having a wonderful time napping on the front porch of the house. She was unaware of what was happening around.

But this wasn’t so with the humans. The mountain lion had got everyone’s attention.

Everyone just stayed away as no one was aware what could happen if they got near.

The authorities arrived soon and started taking care of everything. The mountain lion was shot with a tranquilizer dart.

However, it wasn’t much successful as the mountain lion ended up escaping. The animal control authorities had to find and chase the huge lion.
Eventually, the mountain lion was found after an hour in an unconscious state. She was taken to the animal control facility.